"Perła" Hole In One

Welcome to The hole In One in Poland on the beautiful Island of Wolin.

This is a rest-hause complex wchichis located in a peaceful, seaside town. It has a lot of outstnding advantages, wchich causes that more adn more people wont to spend their holiday here every year, far from crowded, noisy agglomeration. It was built a few years ago as a result of engagement and effort of many people. We were building it acording to Far East life style and culture of Feng Shui, wchich caused building is unique nad oryginal now. Our old saying is that "We only invite you once time then you wont return yourself" becomes the truth. it gives a development and quality of our services are becoming better and better. The location of our town is the outskirts of theWolin National Park, not so far from the Baltic Sea and in the immediate vincity of lakes, wchich are very clean nad blue. The causes microclimate is unique it can be found only here and is very good for people's health.

The surroindings are favourable to active forms of spending free times regardless of age, good or bad condition. In our complex you can find offers conected with accomodation in a new built boarding - hause, a whole day's board in the restaurant "Pearl"and many other attractions waiting for you in the garden with pyramids. Our rest hasue complex was built a few years ago. we had sad and happy moments. We tried to draw conclusions from those moments, becasue we wonted to have the happy momentsthe most often. The guest who come here are glad and satisfied. More and more holiday makers visit our rest - hause. The staff is nice and helpful so. Wiselka is a very beautiful town by the sea. People like going to Wiselka for their holidays. Tourism is very important. There are different reasons for people to travel to our hotel.It can be a possiblity to meet a ne culture customs and places. Some people travel to us to write artixcles, books or to make pictures. A lot of famous people who are actors, actresses, singers, politicans spend their holidays at our rest hause. Most of them visit us every year and become our friends.

We invite all people who are going to spend their free time at the seaside to visit our amazing town and stay in Hole in One. In One these ones who cannot be here we recommend our webside wchich shows the beauty our town.

With Kind of regards Ewa Walkowiak