The Garden with Pyramid

The garden with piramids is a very big attraction for people who come to us. This is beautiful area of lands where plants and flowers are grown so that the public you can go and see them. The garden has been design to have a lot of trees, areas of grass and open spaces. We were building it acroding to Far East life style an culture of Feng Shui. Our restaurant and hotel we were building in the same way. This places is beautiful and amazing that you can take a photo and and make a pictrue. The garden is pictures siutated and invites you to relax and meditate. This places has a beutiful and fashionable stram and fountain. We have got special kinds of flowers here and florist who takes care of the garde. That's why the plants are fresh and look silk. You won't be disappointed when you see our are. This places will draw your attention. There is a positive, nice and calm athmosphere. You can feel very relax and nice bacause it is very amazing places. There are pyramids, these pyramids looks like egiptian Pyramids and send a very good positive energy to people. This atmosphere is the best for you and ypur healt.

The Bar and live music

In our garden you can eat a meal. We can offer you olish meal and grill-food , which are very popular in Poland. We have special Polish music. this music causes that atmosphere is very positive and nice. There is very fresh and clain air. Our Bar has a very rich aquipment. Waiters serve you delicious food. Whenyou wont to drink something and eat - our area is the best place. You can find here everything. You wont to hear good music and meet nice and friendly people. Our live music is played by the musicans on the stage. You can hear your favourite kind of music. We have a special offer for you - it's called salad with salmona'la pyramids. This is the best speciality of Ms. Walkowiak Ewa - she is a boss - Hole in One with Mr Leszczyński Edward. Edward is a specialist of the Feng Shui. In the evening you can hear live music and you can go dancing with our guests. A lot of famous people whoo are actors, actresses, singers, politicians spend their holidays at aur rest - hause. Most of them visit us every year and become our friends.